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Thank you!
- Nyantoinette (Buyer)
Positive (04/17/21) BTSSB Rosalie Rose Headdress - NWT 04/17/21
Always a great seller! Hope to do business again soon!
- MilkySheep (Buyer)
Positive (04/16/21) Angelic Pretty Lovely Shy Bear Plush Pouch - NWT 04/16/21
Seller was communicative and packaged the item well, and included a small, sweet gift. Thank you so much!
- Shampookie (Buyer)
Positive (04/13/21) BTSSB Kumya Ice Cream Ring - NWOT 04/13/21
Thank you so much! Packed up safely and protected! Seller even included a pair of gray tights. It's even more beautiful in person (and holy traveler is it actually a heavy dress!) I cannot wait to do a Persephone inspired coord with this. Thank you again!
- Faelolita (Buyer)
Positive (04/10/21) Sweet Dreamer Bride of Hades Persephone Gothic OP + Wrist cuffs NWT 04/10/21
Super fast shipping and careful packaging! Seller even included some cute extras!! :) highly recommend this seller! 10/10
- Lilly (Buyer)
Positive (04/10/21) Angelic Pretty Bear Toy Necklace - NWOT 04/10/21
Amazing seller with excellent communication! Items arrived safely and nicely packaged!
- Miimichi (Buyer)
Positive (04/07/21) Angelic Pretty Bear Toy Ring - NWT 04/07/21
Good seller, item was as described.
- Susienw (Buyer)
Positive (04/06/21) Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette Mini Eco Tote 04/06/21
Really great transaction ! Thank you for your purchase <3
- Nayumi (Seller)
Positive (04/03/21) Baby the stars shine Bright Veronica Elisse jsk 04/03/21
Seller was very communicative and polite. Item was packed securely and just as described!
- AscheRune (Buyer)
Positive (04/03/21) Metamorphose Nightmare Forest Tights - NWT 04/03/21
cuuuute~ I can't wait to display it
- superkawaiidragon (Buyer)
Positive (04/01/21) H.Naoto Cat Toy 04/01/21
so sorry for late feedback, item arrived safely and extremely quickly ! thank you!
- claireakkuma (Buyer)
Positive (03/31/21) Angelic Pretty Lovely Shy Bear Plush Pouch - NWT 03/31/21
Wonderful seller! Relisted the item for me and was quick to answer any questions I had!
- MilkySheep (Buyer)
Positive (03/30/21) (listed for MilkySheep) 03/30/21
Just as described and packaged safely thank you
- Mr.Kitty (Buyer)
Positive (03/28/21) BTSSB BABY Logo Ribbon Face Mask Barrette - NWT 03/28/21
These arrived quickly, safely packaged and are in perfect condition! Seller was quick and communicative, thanks so much! ^-^
- Raven Ethereal (Buyer)
Positive (03/22/21) SheepPuff Little Jelly Creeper - NWOT 03/22/21
- reithejelly (Buyer)
Positive (03/22/21) BTSSB Kumya Ice Cream Necklace - NWOT 03/22/21
My items were packed carefully and shipped quickly. They arrived exactly as described. The pictures on the listing captured the pouchettes very well. Than you for the great transaction and cute gift!
- razeasha (Buyer)
Positive (03/21/21) Harajuku limited edition Kumya set - NWT 03/21/21
Wow, shipped so fast! I love this blouse so much. Thank you!
- littlemayab (Buyer)
Positive (03/20/21) Berry and Woods Lost Chocolate Blouse - NWT 03/20/21
shipped super fast! was very willing to work with me for a payment plan
- moogle_ (Buyer)
Positive (03/20/21) Anp Marie's Rich Ribbon OP 03/20/21
great seller!
- nekojiru (Buyer)
Positive (03/20/21) H.naoto Cat Pouch - NWT 03/20/21
Item arrived on time and the item was exactly as described.
- HappyKyoko (Buyer)
Positive (03/19/21) Reve Irom Echo Blouse 03/19/21