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Me mando mensaje un mes despues de la venta y ya habiancomprado ota blusa
- YOYOYO (Buyer)
Neutral (11/25/18) Offbrand cutsew 11/25/18
Leaving positive feedback as the seller did a great job. Overall it took some time to receive but as with most people working two jobs and stressed out from it all, it takes time to get to the post office and get things out. But she did, and she was responsive but again, as she was available. And I get that, I work two jobs and kill myself but since I’m obsessed with lolita I cheat and usually end up on here more than I should while at work. All in all she’s an very kind seller and the item arrive in perfect condition. Would purchase again from her. Thank you and good luck with your jobs, try not to work yourself sick! 💕✌🏻
- calebkoja (Buyer)
Positive (10/11/18) Aatp cape (oldschool) 10/11/18
Overall a good experience. It took the seller some time to responded to my messages, but it improved over time and I received amswers the same day. The conversation was kind and I was notified about a shipping delay. The blouse was packed securely and didn't have any damages. I think I would buy from the seller again.
- Angie421 (Buyer)
Positive (10/08/18) Baby the stars shine bright blouse 10/08/18
Won the auction September 1st, seller didn’t get back to me for a while but said there were work problems so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. To be honest I thought about backing out a few times when I saw a bunch of negative feedback but I did eventually receive the dress on October 5th. It’s in good condition, nothing wrong that wasn’t stated in the description. It was frustrating to get ahold of this seller since she usually didn’t get back to me for a few days but everything worked out in the end so I feel like neutral feedback is fair
- swalter (Buyer)
Neutral (10/06/18) Alice& nanami op 10/06/18
Thank you~!
- Uduvihm (Buyer)
Positive (10/01/18) Alchemy gothic necklace 10/01/18
I finally got my dream skirt! Came just as described with no flaws! Good communication with seller, Thank you! <3
- Poltergeisth (Buyer)
Positive (09/26/18) Angelic pretty eternal rose bouquet skirt 09/26/18
Had some pretty big stains on the sleeves that I werent told about, only said that the item was very worn! The pink one i sadly lost but I can probably remove them on the blue hoodie! Apart from this I had very good communication with seller! Thank you!
- Poltergeisth (Buyer)
Positive (09/26/18) Two angelic pretty cutsew Cotton candy shop 09/26/18
Item came as described! Good communication with the seller! Thank you!
- Poltergeisth (Buyer)
Positive (09/26/18) 2 angelic pretty cutsews 09/26/18
thank you :)
- nostalgia (Buyer)
Positive (09/25/18) Aatp mermaid in the jewelry box jsk 09/25/18
thank you :)
- nostalgia (Buyer)
Positive (09/25/18) Chess story wristcuffs 09/25/18
thank you :)
- nostalgia (Buyer)
Positive (09/25/18) Offbrand OP 09/25/18
Great transaction with this seller !Thank you !
- sobisoba (Buyer)
Positive (09/25/18) Angelic Pretty little lady jsk 09/25/18
Very nice seller, always kept me informed when they had to send the invoice later thandirectly after I had won the auction. There was an issue with one of the vests but I got a refund. Would gladly do business with this seller again
- prinz.van.katz (Buyer)
Positive (09/23/18) Metamorphose cutsew 09/23/18
Very nice seller, always kept me informed when they had to send the invoice later thandirectly after I had won the auction. There was an issue with one of the vests but I got a refund. Would gladly do business with this seller again
- prinz.van.katz (Buyer)
Positive (09/23/18) 3 aatp vests 09/23/18
TLDR; DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER. Communication is not this sellers strong point, and she's unbelievably rude when she does respond ( ) and the item I purchased from her had multiple undisclosed stains though the auction stated it was never worn. Seller is a Deadbeat, avoid like the plague. Long version: Seller took quite a while to respond and after asking via multiple messages at this point to be invoiced on the 29th, auction ended on 24th, she said she was selling a book at a convention so she would invoice in a week. A few days later she sends the invoice and I pay that day and ask when she thinks the time frame of shipping will be. No response for four days so I take to having to email her personally via the email connected to her paypal. She replies that she was sick and she will ship asap. Four days later I email again and she tells me not to be pushy. By the 12th I email her saying I will be pushing my now opened paypal claim to a dispute if tracking information is not given by the weekend. I get a response (^in the link above.) She eventually puts the tracking number in the paypal claim. After receiving the jacket, there are stains on the sleeves, considerable pilling on the right arm and a stain on the lapel. It is is not worth any more of my energy to try to keep dealing with this person and I've considered this a minor loss. This seller is such an unbelievable headache that I would not wish her on my worst enemy.
- Corecat (Buyer)
Negative (09/20/18) Aatp Captain hollow jacket 09/20/18
Almost 3 weeks to answer my message. I was patient. I waited. On September 14, she finally sent a message to make the payment. And because I do not answer right away, she gives me a negative opinion. Really pissed off against this saleswoman. I do not recommend !!
- ShizumuKako (Buyer)
Negative (09/20/18) Angelic pretty promenade de Paris round jsk 09/20/18
I tried my best to be patient with this seller even after not receiving an invoice for ages and seeing the other feedback they had gotten. I bought the item on the first of this month and it took forever to be sent an invoice. They also told me that shipping would be more than on the listing, which I agreed to, but I'm sick of waiting and making excuses for this seller. Avoid at all costs.
- pumpkinwhippedcream (Buyer)
Negative (09/19/18) Angelic pretty barrette 09/19/18
Communication was a bit slow and the item had what I assuume must be some little holes from having pins/buttons applied, which is not a major issue, but would have perhaps warranted mentioning. Overall the transaction went well enough for me and I'm happy with my item as well as a little gift that I assume to be a very kind apology for the slow communication.
- bunnie-dollie (Buyer)
Positive (09/19/18) Angelic pretty blouse 09/19/18
very nice seller and fast shipment, thank you
- fantasmiki (Buyer)
Positive (09/19/18) Angelic pretty Milky Cross OP 09/19/18
Arrived super fast and everything was ok. Thank you
- Hypnone (Buyer)
Positive (09/17/18) Aatp Ragnarok skirt 09/17/18
Deadbeat seller. TL;DR Seller never contacted me or sent an invoice and I have not received the item and likely never will. Long version: I won the auction a little over 2 weeks ago now. During those weeks, I contacted the seller more than once to try to arrange payment. They only responded after I threatened to leave negative feedback. They asked for my paypal which was already provided for them and and they were shown how to access this by another buyer of theirs. They said they would invoice me "today" but it's been over 24 hours and still nothing. I have been patient about this, but other buyers have also had major issues with this seller, and I'm at my limit. I'm not holding my breath on this one.
- slytherinbunny (Buyer)
Negative (09/15/18) Hmhm wa Lolita jsk 09/15/18
Shipping fees declared as 5 euro on the auction, I got an invoice over 10 euro just for shipping for ONE necklace!!!!! I wrote her, that I have to back off from my purchase! Now I got a negative feedback from her, I think it's fairly to give her also negative one.
- Lucy1304 (Buyer)
Negative (09/15/18) Aatp necklace 09/15/18
So I guess I'm gonna have to leave feedback in line with the other buyers... I won the listing on September 1st, and didn't get a msg from the seller till the 9th, in which they asked me for my paypal and I sent it and never heard back again. Sad face.
- bebba_loli (Buyer)
Neutral (09/14/18) Baby blouse 09/14/18
deadbeat seller. tldr; they never invoiced me for this item, so i never got to pay for it and in turn, never received it. long version of the story: i won this item about two weeks ago and after a few days of no message or invoice from the seller, i sent a message to the seller requesting the invoice. i had to send several messages before getting a reply. the first response came about a week after i won. the seller claimed to be busy with work and asked for my paypal, which i gave to them along with an explanation that they could find a buyer’s paypal info on the listing won, in case they were unaware. i figured they were just new to LM and didn’t know how to navigate everything yet. i waited a few more days, still no invoice and no further messages from the seller. at this point i had sent several messages to the seller and was getting frustrated. finally the seller responds again and asked me what country i lived in so they could calculate how much to charge me for shipping. i messaged back with my general location but reminded the seller that their listing already had a predetermined ship cost for outside of their country and that i was expecting an invoice for that price (plus the cost of the listing won). waited a few more days, never heard back from the seller. they never even opened my last messages. i’m really upset because this is one of my dream dresses and i really wanted it to wear for my birthday, which was weeks away at the time the listing ended, but is only a few days away at this point. i still want the dress, but i guess i will have to wait for a more reliable person to list it for sale. i was waiting to leave feedback to see if anybody else who won items from this seller was having the same issues as i am, and based on the other feedback left, i can guess pretty confidently that they haven’t shipped any items they put up for sale and probably do not plan to actually follow through with any of their transactions.
- twinklejewelparty (Buyer)
Negative (09/14/18) Long ears sharp ears gift box op 09/14/18
Deadbeat Seller. It has been 11 days since I purchased this listing and seller has not even invoiced yet. I messaged them twice, they replied after 8 days to tell me that they would invoice me If I give them my paypal (clearly unaware of how Lacemarket works, or the fact that they are already privy to this information once a buyer has purchased a listing), and then dissappeared again up to this day. No explanation given for the delay. I just don't feel comfortable with this transaction anymore, because if a seller cannot be bothered to even invoice after 11 days, I don't even want to know how much time it will take them to ship once they actually have my money.
- Wabbie-chan (Buyer)
Negative (09/12/18) Aatp bolero 09/12/18