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Wonderful seller! They had great communication and my dress shipped very quickly. It looks so beautiful, will definitely buy from again!
- Aly (Buyer)
Positive (10/24/20) *NWT* Antique Dress Store bust 80-102cm 10/24/20
Awesome seller very communicative and item arrived very fast. Thank you!
- impavidus (Buyer)
Positive (10/22/20) NTW plus size waist 95-120cm simple petticoat 10/22/20
Super fast shipping and delivery thank you!
- quareitur (Buyer)
Positive (10/22/20) NWT plus size waist 38”-48” Two Hoop Petticoat 10/22/20
♥ it matches !! thank you so much! ♥
- Minai (Buyer)
Positive (10/22/20) (reserve) NWT Infanta KC $10 10/22/20
Quick to respond to messages, very fast shipping. Would order from again.
- AliceattheCircus (Buyer)
Positive (10/19/20) Reserve head bow 10/19/20
Good communication, items got here fast.
- KaylieBay (Buyer)
Positive (10/19/20) *NWT* Halloween Cat Bat jsk 10/19/20
Loved the item as soon as it arrived to me.
- MzPirateQueen (Buyer)
Positive (10/19/20) *NWT* Infanta bat halloween stockings 10/19/20
Great seller very helpful when there was a shipping issue. Item arrived quickly and just as described
- impavidus (Buyer)
Positive (10/17/20) *NWT* Plus size bust 39-49" dress+KC Glittering Summer night 10/17/20
Dress was perfect and loved getting accessories. Great communication. Quick responses.
- Tokimairu (Buyer)
Positive (10/17/20) *NWT* Cat Bat Halloween jsk 10/17/20
Got it so quick and dress looked great.
- Tokimairu (Buyer)
Positive (10/17/20) NWT Three Squirrels, Infanta 10/17/20
The dress is absolutely gorgeous and it came super fast and I'm very pleased
- Lockheart_Drift (Buyer)
Positive (10/16/20) NWT Dress+ Head Bow, Plus Size bust 43"-53" Summer Night 10/16/20
The dress is very beautiful, but in the pictures it looked more like a blue black than the greenish navy that it actually is in person. Overall it is nice quality and a good piece.
- kiritana14 (Buyer)
Positive (10/15/20) *NWT* Vest Dress Broken Doll bust 92-98cm 10/15/20
Fast shipping and neatly packed; exactly as described! Thank you!!
- scoodi (Buyer)
Positive (10/15/20) NWT Dress+ Head Bow, Plus Size bust 43"-53" Summer Night 10/15/20
Seller sent dress very fast!! It's everything I've ever wanted!! Thank you so much 🥰🥰
- sesho8 (Buyer)
Positive (10/14/20) NWT Dress+KC Plus Size Halloween Cat Bat Dress bust 43"-55" 10/14/20
Arrived quickly in great condition! Just as pictured and very thoughtful packaging, thank you!
- tabathazee (Buyer)
Positive (10/13/20) NWT Cat and Rabbit Tea Party jsk 10/13/20
Thanks for the quick shipment! Love it!
- Casualangst (Buyer)
Positive (10/12/20) *NWT* Cat Bat Halloween jsk 10/12/20
Very friendly and great communication. Shipping was fast. Would definitely buy from again.
- AliceattheCircus (Buyer)
Positive (10/10/20) *NWT* Cream Infanta stocking Alice in Wonderland ( 10/10/20
Product arrived in good condition. Thank you~
- ChibiGikochin (Buyer)
Positive (10/08/20) *NWT* Alice amusement park pants 10/08/20
Sooo happy with my purchase! Seller was quick to send out the item and has great communication. They even gave me a gift(matching headbow for the dress)!! Packaging was good and everything arrived safely and in good condition. Would definitely buy from this seller again.
- patchyolie (Buyer)
Positive (10/01/20) *NWT* Cat Bat Halloween jsk 10/01/20
Very irritated with this transaction as the listing states the dress is "new without tag" and there are several snags on the front of the dress-one being very large and noticeable. Upon further inspection the pin on the detachable bow was abrasive and snags the dress when inserted and removed. The bow was detached when unpacking the dress, so the owner knew what condition the dress was in before they sent it. There was no mention of these damages whatsoever before shipping. Beyond that, there were food stains on the detachable bow and on the lace right above where the bow is to be attached. Unless you use new dresses as a placemat while eating, I'm guessing the dress wasnt "new". Many of you may have been furious at this point but believe it or not, i wouldn't have had a big issue with it had it not been for this: As an understandably frustrated buyer, I approached the seller respectfully, listing the flaws I found and inquiring of a solution. The seller offered a return and I was ok with that-if shipping was covered by them and if not, I'd be satisfied with the shipping cost that I paid being reimbursed ($10) Well! They just couldn't do that. They offered to pay half of the return shipping cost ($5) I responded confused as i felt I was lied to and now I have to pay for it. Now I know, $5 is nothing, but the principle is what bothered me. This situation just didn't make any sense to me. So i responded voicing my thoughts and they come back with covering $8. I was charged $10 for shipping, but they refused to reimburse me the full shipping cost. You REALLY couldn't give me 2 more dollars?! That blew my mind. I hope it was worth it. You bought yourself a negative with it. I hope anyone looking to buy from this seller beware of the true condition of the garment and be prepared to not get a satisfactory solution if you mention it. This negative wouldn't have existed because of $2.....good gracious
- Eijirosama (Buyer)
Negative (09/27/20) Clearance Sale strawberry cupcake 09/27/20