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Lovely buyer, quick payment and communication! :)
- kirstie20plus (Seller)
Positive (01/23/16) Btssb Pink Jewel Tree Bouquet socks 01/23/16
Easy transaction and fast payment, thank you!
- lolisaur (Seller)
Positive (03/30/15) Starlight Carnevale Bonnet Red 03/30/15
lovely buyer!
- somnambulatory (Seller)
Positive (03/28/15) BTSSB black gingham rose ribbon OP 03/28/15
Great buyer, prompt communication and payment!
- sailorenceladus (Seller)
Positive (03/16/15) BTSSB Scarlet Barette 03/16/15
She report me with her lying to lace market. At the first time when I give her my pp acc, she saying she paid but there was nothing from her. I told her I've got nothing and than she said she paid to other ppl, so she want me to give her my pp acc again. This time I forgot to change the currency. my basic currency was AUD so she just paid with AUD. I told her there is sth wrong and we found out I didn't send invoice with USD currency. So she paid again about left money (AUD is lower than USD) and this time I could see still less money and she told me about pp fee. I didn't know about fee bcus before when I use paypal, I didn't paid fee even when I sell sth. Anyway she was looks fine, nothing bad, I sent her the bag. And I have banned from lace market suddenly and I was on black list. I ask to lace market what's going on and they said she report me with I sold fake bag. lace market request me to proof the bag is not fake. EXCUSE ME?! I have never buy fake stuff also I go jap for shopping in btssb every years! even the bag is already sent to her!How can I proof it?! I couldn't understand why I have to proof that I didn't do. Anyways, I success to proof the bag is real. also I could see what she wrote to my feedback. she blame me about she paid 2 times(I wonder why she didn't say 'I don't want to make a deal anymore'or 'payback'when we have msging.) also she saying, she thought I'm in australia but actually I live in seoul. yes I live in seoul also my information things, you can see my locate is seoul. I don't understand why she wrote like that. That was looks like I lie my location. She is really weird. And I don't understand why she didn't tell me anything when she think the bag is fake. she just report to lace market, tell lie and make me blocked. oh, also I had to wait for her payment, even I msg her I go oversea soon so pls make a payment asap as you can. She is liar and bad. I recommend If you want to sell stuff to her, you have to be careful, she saying ok to your face and behind she will saying lie.
- cassie_17 (Seller)
Negative (01/29/15) Mini Heart Pochette 01/29/15
Thank you! :)
- Catw07 (Seller)
Positive (01/13/15) BTSSB pink headbow 01/13/15
Great buyer! Paid very quickly and very pleasant correspondence.
- visualstimulation (Seller)
Positive (12/24/14) BTSSB Off White Wrist Cuffs with flowers 12/24/14
Great! quick smooth transaction.
- nanajun (Seller)
Positive (12/11/14) Secret Shop Princess Ribbon Shoes 【Brand New】 12/11/14
Great! quick smooth transaction.
- nanajun (Seller)
Positive (12/11/14) Tea Time with Alice Short Sleeves One Piece 【BRAND NEW】 12/11/14
Such a fantastic buyer, would be glad if I could sell to her again. Paid very quickly, communicated very quickly. Just a wonderful person to interact with!
- Celinthe (Seller)
Positive (12/08/14) Metamorphose Sweet Cherry OTK Socks in Mint 12/08/14
Wonderful person to sell to! She forgave me when I goofed on missing the first set of socks, and decided to buy these so she'd have more than just one pair of socks to wait for. Would sell to again!
- RufflesRainbows (Seller)
Positive (12/05/14) BTSSB Glitter cage OTK 12/05/14
Such a sweetheart! they let me know when they got the dress, and even told me they restored it! I can't wait to see how it looks! Would sell to again!
- RufflesRainbows (Seller)
Positive (11/21/14) Snow Polkadot Mini Sleeves OP 11/21/14
She bought a lace vest from me. There was a bit of a delay in communication, but we eventually connected and continued with the sale just fine. Payment was then received promptly and communication continued to be responsive. She's a great and friendly buyer! Thank you!
- riotkitty (Seller)
Positive (11/20/14) Tralala Lace Vest 11/20/14
Paid quickly, great communication, such a pleasure to work with! A++ Buyer!
- Mireimi (Seller)
Positive (11/19/14) Infanta floral jsk 11/19/14
She asked for a payment plan and paid every invoice very on time. Thank you for purchasing again! Hope you like it =)
- rachelkuri (Seller)
Positive (11/12/14) Btssb Ave Maria lily doll jsk Mint 11/12/14
The buyer paid quickly, was a good transaction overall. Would sell to again~
- Roguecrx (Seller)
Positive (10/01/14) BTSSB Stripe Pâtissier Blouse in Ivory, BNWT 10/01/14
Buyer was prompt with payment and transaction was smooth. Would sell to again. Thank you for your purchase!
- Gemgem87 (Seller)
Positive (09/30/14) BTSSB Glass Lace Socks in Pink *Final Reduction* 09/30/14
Quick and easy transaction ~ Very quick communication, too! I would love to have her as a repeat buyer!! Thanks so much!
- Babs (Seller)
Positive (09/08/14) NWOT Metamorphose Bloomers in Lavender 09/08/14
Quick Payment after buying the cuffs :)
- yokokudo (Seller)
Positive (08/22/14) AP Wrist Cuffs 08/22/14