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This seller was so kind and helpful especially since I was so busy with work. Thanks so much
- Djbunny21 (Buyer)
Positive (09/11/22) Jack The Ripper JSK 09/11/22
Had some issues coming to an agreement about the actual cost of the item and the seller was delayed in sending out the item (but this was due to medical issues and they kept me updated). There was a delay of six weeks with outbound customs so keep that in mind if you're purchasing something which needs to arrive before a certain date - obviously this is out of the seller's control but figured I should mention it. Item was safely packaged and arrived safely, the dress was in great condition as described. Thank you!
- Tropicana (Buyer)
Neutral (08/02/22) Holy Wolf JSK black gold NWOT Angelic Pretty 08/02/22
Fast shipping, good communication, item as described
- Gwen (Buyer)
Positive (08/02/22) Antique Doll OP black Angelic Pretty 08/02/22
lovely buyer and was a pleasure working with you :)!
- MaryamHaidar (Seller)
Positive (07/25/22) for almondcat set ( collar+ bodyline blouse) 07/25/22
The seller is friendly and communicative. There was an issue with the item, but the problem was quickly resolved. Thank you!
- AstraeaMinor (Buyer)
Positive (06/24/22) Romantic Cat JSK + OTK + cat headbow set in gray by Angelic Pretty 06/24/22
Great transaction! Reliable buyer who has a very sweet disposition. Highly recommend! :)
- punkpirate1066 (Seller)
Positive (05/11/22) Metamorphose Velveteen Prince Pants in Wine/Bordeaux (reserved for almondcat) 05/11/22
Great buyer!Thank you for your purchase! 🥰❤️
- Lizmelo (Seller)
Positive (05/10/22) 🍒Japan brand Liz lisa ribbon pocket lace shorts in pink🍒 05/10/22
Great buyer!Thank you for your purchase! 🥰❤️
- Lizmelo (Seller)
Positive (05/10/22) 🍒Japan brand Liz lisa pink rose x ribbon floral top🍒 05/10/22
Thank you for supporting my shop,l hope you will like it!😘🥰
- Lizmelo (Seller)
Positive (05/10/22) 🍒Handmade Pearl x crown earrings 🍒 05/10/22
I am so glad you are happy with the purchase!Thank you so much!🥰😘
- Lizmelo (Seller)
Positive (05/10/22) 🍒Japan brand Liz lisa off-white lace sweater with bow🍒 05/10/22
Thanks so much!
- milky_ghost (Buyer)
Positive (02/09/22) [FINAL PRICE] Angelic Pretty Fancy Hospital Black JSK 02/09/22
Really lovely buyer. Helped me work out some shipping decisions and was great with communication. Thank you so much!
- spikeyprince (Seller)
Positive (01/29/22) Alice and the Pirates Rudolf Shorts 01/29/22
Really lovely buyer. Helped me work out some shipping decisions and was great with communication. Thank you so much!
- spikeyprince (Seller)
Positive (01/29/22) Axes Femme Blue Vest 01/29/22
Really lovely buyer. Helped me work out some shipping decisions and was great with communication. Thank you so much!
- spikeyprince (Seller)
Positive (01/29/22) Alice and the Pirates Pharis Shorts 01/29/22
Thank you for buying from me!
- sleepykitten (Seller)
Positive (01/27/22) Liz Lisa pink lace floral dress 01/27/22
Nice buyer. She bought during my winter hiatus in December and she patiently waited until January to do the actual transaction.
- Chocola93 (Seller)
Positive (01/23/22) Atelier Pierrot white x wine blouse 01/23/22
Arrived with a note from customs explaining that the package arrived at the border in damaged condition/damaged in transit prior to entering the country. The chiffon skirt was sent loose in a thin paper postage bag 11,000 miles from Latvia to New Zealand without any additional protection. The skirt arrived in heavily damaged condition with 20+ individual rips, holes, thread pulls, including 1 over 15cm long. There are 2 additional holes that appear to be from a separate incident, 2 burn holes where the polyester chiffon has melted around the hole (cigarette burns?). You can view all the damage here: The seller explained that due to medical circumstances they were not able to adequately package my items and had their mother send the item on their behalf. While I can understand this mistake, the seller also actively chose not to insure my item for the full value which I paid. I sent photos and all relevant info to the seller as soon as I received the package but was told as she did not insure the package, she can only refund $15. I explained that this was not adequate compensation as I had paid over 127 euros and expect to be compensated for the full amount but that I would be happy to wait until it’s paid off and ship the skirt back once refunded. Despite my expectations being clear and given multiple opportunities, the seller did not want to work together with me towards an appropriate resolution but instead insisted that I should just repair it or “resell the skirt” to try and recover costs. To me, this is not a helpful solution and honestly I was a little bit insulted. I should feel it is also important to note, regardless if there was no ill or malicious intent, that the terms of sale on the auction I purchased were retro-actively edited to reflect that insurance and additional packaging must be requested beforehand. (ToS is account bound and not per-auction so can be edited at any time). As I am always very cautious before purchasing, I always read ToS carefully and screenshot at the time of purchase. So naturally I was very confused and upset that these were changed as I felt like they could now be used against me to make it seem like it was my own fault for not reading them. While they acknowledged and accepted fault, they denied responsibility or obligation to rectify the problem. I felt our communication wasn’t going anywhere I decided to open up a paypal claim, but the seller left me a very uncomfortable message which I will leave here verbatim: [message redacted] While I initially felt sympathetic towards your situation and tried to work for a good solution for both of us, using illness/disability to negate your obligations as a seller and try to guilt trip me is extremely classless. In addition to this, I replied to you at every point, there is no need to lie about my apparent lack of communication, it’s almost like you forgot the part about where you didn’t keep me updated for a week when you said you would. This feedback could have gone very differently. Awaiting an outcome from paypal dispute for the full amount. [MOD edit: waiting for PayPal claim result, personal message redacted]
- SittingPretty (Buyer)
Negative (01/10/22) Milky Cross skirt black Angelic Pretty 01/10/22
The seller did not describe the skirt correctly. She listed it as 'Like New' and did not include the damages that I noticed immediately when opening the package. There seems to be white paint on the lace, the latch above the zipper detached and needs resewn and both buttons for the waist ties are very chipped and need replaced. Here are pictures The seller said that she couldn't have known because the seller she bought the skirt from didn't list the damages and yet claimed to look over the skirt carefully and didn't notice. I asked for a partial refund and was denied due to her medical situation. [MOD edit: buyer received partial refund and asked feedback to be edited to neutral]
- Millicent01 (Buyer)
Neutral (01/09/22) [SOLD TO Millicent01] Rose Toilette Skirt black Angelic Pretty + brooch (2007) 01/09/22
Great buyer! Quick payment and feedback, and overall lovely transaction.
- Dolina (Seller)
Positive (12/29/21) Black Butler vol. 1-2+4-5 12/29/21
great buyer, easy to communicate with ^^
- gardened (Seller)
Positive (12/29/21) (on hold for almond) MERCY tartan biker jacket 12/29/21