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Very enjoyable and understanding buyer, thank you again for your purchase!
- mahou-eggs (Seller)
Positive (08/05/19) BNWOT Nameless Poem OP 08/05/19
I waited one month for her explanation but no reply was received. Firstly she paid by cheque which didn't go through, and said would pay again but no payment was received. Sent several pms but no replies. Had to relist my item, would not recommend this buyer.
- mrk (Seller)
Negative (12/15/17) Free postage + NWT!DarkRuby* Sound of the Accordian Jsk Blouse Headscarf Full Set 12/15/17
She never paid the invoice for the set and did not response to any of my messages. I will be re-listing the set
- Gwen (Seller)
Negative (12/04/17) Moonlit Forest Aurora Soirée Set 12/04/17
$35 item was paid with E-check, which was fine. First payment bounced and the second failed completely. It wasn't a big deal to wait over the weeks but the second bounced E-check means I'll be canceling the sale and relisting the item. Not much explanation or communication from the buyer which isn't an issue for me, but only if payment was successful.
- ehcappella (Seller)
Negative (11/30/17) Illya Autumn Day Blouse - White - Yilia Lolita (Taobao) 11/30/17
No communication was received after this item was won. No responses to messages here on LaceMarket or to paypal invoice reminders. I will be relisting this item.
- MacaronTea (Seller)
Negative (11/28/17) AATP Voile Blouse with Bow Tie - Off White 11/28/17
Buyer first paid by E-Check which didn't go through. They then told me to resend the invoice and that they'd pay by card right away. No payment was ever received and the buyer stopped responding to my messages, even when I asked them if they were still interested in buying, needed more time, or if they'd prefer a hold or payment plan. I sent multiple messages and reminders and didn't even get any form of communication back. I ended up relisting my item
- svberry (Seller)
Negative (11/24/17) Metamorphose Tailor’s Bear Collared Jsk And matching beret 11/24/17
Lovely buyer!! Buyer was super fast at communication/payment and was lovely to deal with ^.^
- Hitokiri (Seller)
Positive (10/26/17) Pleated Collar Double Button Blouse Angelic Pretty 10/26/17
Would highly recommend as a good buyer!
- Wednesday (Seller)
Positive (10/21/17) Innocent World Cross Ribbon shoes Size M in gold (クロスリボンシューズ) 10/21/17