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Wristcuffs arrived exactly as described, thank you so much!!
- jpopdiva (Buyer)
Positive (12/13/21) Lavender x White wristcuffs 12/13/21
I love it! Thank you :)
- DianaS2 (Buyer)
Positive (11/19/21) FINAL SALE - Qpot Strawberry Milkshake Necklace 11/19/21
Wonderful seller! This was a smooth and speedy purchase. Thank you!
- LawyerLolita (Buyer)
Positive (11/09/21) Sleepyland Wristcuffs - yellow x lavender 11/09/21
Great! Great communication, really appreciated it!
- SalemWitchsBrew (Buyer)
Positive (09/27/21) Fuzzy Bear Ear Headband - Pink 09/27/21
Item arrived safely and just as described ! Highly recommend!
- imyourkitty (Buyer)
Positive (09/18/21) Katie Triple Heart Hair Clips - 2 09/18/21
Book came quickly and in great condition. Thank you so much!
- SorceressEdea (Buyer)
Positive (09/15/21) Amoscream - book by Amo (Angelic Pretty model) 09/15/21
Transaction went quickly and smoothly! Would definitely buy from again <3
- jennytieu (Buyer)
Positive (09/08/21) NWT - Melonhopper Candy Fluff Pearl Cardigan 09/08/21
arrived quickly - thanks!
- beck (Buyer)
Positive (09/05/21) AP Petit Heart Mask Cover - Pink with Red Hearts 09/05/21
Kind seller with great communication and was easy to talk to! Item arrived carefully packaged and as pictured, thank you!
- Pebbley (Buyer)
Positive (08/30/21) STAINED AP Humming Gingham Barrette - Pink 08/30/21
The seller was kind. They made sure to inform me about when they would send it out, which I appreciated. When I received the package, it was safe and sound. It came as they described. It was a lovely experience!
- BelBel (Buyer)
Positive (08/25/21) Olli Ella Straw Basket House Bag - Pink 08/25/21
Seller was easy to work with and the items came as described. There was a small hole in the striped socks, but it was hidden under the lace and could have easily been overlooked. It does not show when worn. I am happy with my purchase and would buy from them again.
- lovelytabby (Buyer)
Positive (08/24/21) New - Bodyline Knee socks 2pair - pink stripe and balloon heart 08/24/21
Thank you for another lovely piece ❤️💎
- Minai (Buyer)
Positive (08/23/21) qpot. Chocolate Chip Cookie Ring 08/23/21
Item is lovely, came well-packaged and as-described. Thank you!
- slumberfish (Buyer)
Positive (08/20/21) New - Victorian Maiden Lady Bag (2019) - Mocha Brown 08/20/21
Just as described and shipped quickly!
- discoprincess (Buyer)
Positive (07/23/21) Nile Perch Pumpkin Pants/Shorts - Lavender Gingham 07/23/21
Really love this necklace, seller was communicative and packaged carefully! Thank you!
- Macabrelle (Buyer)
Positive (07/10/21) AP Seacret Rosary Necklace - Antique Silver 07/10/21
Arrived quickly and just as described! Thank you so much ♥
- Macabrelle (Buyer)
Positive (07/10/21) BTSSB Belle Harmonie Papillon Ribbon Hair Ties (set of 4) 07/10/21
The hoodie is reaaaally cute! I love it! Thank you 😊
- Raichukyu (Buyer)
Positive (07/02/21) AP Bunny College Hoodie/Parka - Pink 07/02/21
Kind seller. Very responsive to messages. Thank you!
- IvoryOrchid (Buyer)
Positive (06/24/21) AP Gingham Ribbon Combs - Red 06/24/21
Amazing seller! Let me do a payment plan and was quick to ship out. The dress arrived just as described with no extra flaws and was packaged very safely. Overall a very polite and responsible seller, would recommend and do business with again! Thank you!
- mahouhime (Buyer)
Positive (06/21/21) DAMAGED - AP Honey Cake Round JSK - Pink 06/21/21
This item was very nice, However I do have to note that I originally purchased on 5/23/21 and it just got delivered 6/18/21. There was a small issue on the sellers end, and I messaged them after waiting a week before something was said. The seller was reasonable in response times, but perhaps for a future note please consider messaging the buyer beforehand if there is any issues or if anything arises. There seems to be other notes of packages taking a little bit in the feedback, so as a buyer I would recommend asking when your item would be shipped if you are in a hurry, however I was not. In the end though the seller was fair and accepted my offer, the item/description was accurate. Thank you :)
- Samantha (Buyer)
Positive (06/18/21) NWT - BTSSB BABY Transparent Knitting Cape (2020) - Yellow 06/18/21