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I tried to purchase this item on 9/25/21 and got completely ghosted in every way shape and form, never even getting an invoice. Never saw anything from this seller again until today (5/16/22) when they began posting more items that seemed to be of interest at first, and it was only then I remembered this interaction existing. Not finishing your pre-existing business and listing new items as if nothing ever happened isn't cool. Buy from this person with caution.
- Plaguecity99 (Buyer)
Negative (05/16/22) sz M L XL Gothic aristocrat Lace Ruffle One size underskirt 05/16/22
Easy transaction, thank your for your patience on shipping.
- DragonLady9 (Seller)
Positive (03/30/22) Queen Elizabeth Taobao JSK 03/30/22
Shipped late but item was as described at least
- superkawaiidragon (Buyer)
Positive (12/04/21) Clearance* Gothic handmade Rosary necklace 12/04/21
Item was purchased on July 29th. She sent a DM saying it was shipped on August 24th. By Sept 6th USPS still hadn't received the package so I had to remind her. So then she shipped it. When it arrived the bag was missing the strap and the little attached bat. When I DM'd her about it she said she'd mail me a strap. It's been months and at this point the seller has ghosted me and it's well past October. So unfortunately I have to leave negative feedback :(
- superkawaiidragon (Buyer)
Negative (12/04/21) NEW Pastel Pink Halloween sweet gothic Pumpkin Purse bag 12/04/21
No stars. Item never received. Created shipping label, but then never took it to the post. Stopped contact after I asked where it was. Had to open a PayPal dispute over, like, $20. Which is STILL going on and annoying as all heck.
- KawaiiMiesa (Buyer)
Negative (11/01/21) S M New Renaissance oil painting top bustier corset 11/01/21
Seller never responded after. It’s been months. I hate to leave a negative feedback but I think the seller is just way too busy and overworking themselves. I’m sorry :(
- jennytieu (Buyer)
Negative (10/10/21) S M New Renaissance oil painting top bustier corset #2 10/10/21
Overall this seller is super great. She was kind and added two little goodies with my bag. Her communication just wasn't consistent when I had questions about how long it was taking for my item to get here.
- too.many.feels (Buyer)
Positive (10/01/21) NEW Pink Halloween sweet gothic Pumpkin Purse bag 10/01/21
Took a bit to get here but the item is so adorable!
- RingingBells (Buyer)
Positive (09/30/21) NEW Pink Halloween sweet gothic Pumpkin Purse bag 09/30/21
Great buyer, all around a perfect transaction!
- finchwitch (Seller)
Positive (09/27/21) Fidel David JSK 09/27/21
Buyer paid within the expected time frame. Thanks!
- softbats (Seller)
Positive (09/23/21) Forever 21 Lace Blouse 3X 09/23/21
Seller's term of sale stated that there would be a long dispatch time, so I was already aware that it would take a while to receive my item. Item was just as described and clean. Seller was kind enough to include extras as well! Overall a pleasant experience.
- PanicHoodie (Buyer)
Positive (09/20/21) Indie Baroque Room Jsk L XL Gothic -Damaged- Plus size friendly 09/20/21
Great communication and easy sale, thank you! ♡
- Ori_Bat126 (Seller)
Positive (09/18/21) Schneideren R Cedar Jacket & JSK set 2XL 09/18/21
This review would be negative if not for the fact I got the package and the item was as described. Arrangements were made (and agreed upon) to send the package to a friend in the US since they didn't want to send it out of the states. The seller was quick to respond when an offer was made, but didn't respond at all when a request for quicker shipping was made. After waiting the three weeks they mentioned in the terms of sale for shipping to start, I'd received no tracking code. I had to email them directly to prompt them to send one to me, along with a note that there was trouble with my order, because they can only send to my paypal address (which you cannot change to another nation, so it was Canadian). They were nice enough to swallow the extra 15 dollars in shipping cost and sent it to me directly. I waited the rest of the month (Aug 24th to the 31st) waiting for the package to move; USPS reported that they hadn't even yet received the package at all. I gave them a deadline of September 10th to drop off the package, or I'd file a grievance on Paypal; I received no response. I checked one last time on Sept 10th to find that the package had been dropped off that morning at long last. Total time to receive; 45 days (August 2nd to September 16th) So, you WILL receive your package eventually, but you might have to poke and prod and threaten action to get it.
- Z99 (Buyer)
Neutral (09/17/21) Sweet Wood lolita XXL- 3x PLUS SIZE friendly wine Dress OP 09/17/21
Good morning, would buy from again!
- Cupcakehg (Buyer)
Positive (09/16/21) Clearance*Handmade gothic Mana Moi meme Moitie brooch pin 09/16/21
This item took a really long time to get here, but seller was communicative about delays.
- Helle.Ravenswood (Buyer)
Positive (09/14/21) Clearance* NWT Black Wavy 20” wig 09/14/21
Read TOS, seller a bit slow to respond but items are as described and securely packaged
- ierrei13 (Buyer)
Positive (09/14/21) XL XXL Black Corset overdress vest jacket plus size friendly gothic kuro 09/14/21
Beautiful items. Seller can be a bit difficult to get a hold of and definitely read the TOS but I love them the seller stepped up after some dialog
- ierrei13 (Buyer)
Positive (09/14/21) Last pair NEW Gothic egl Knee high stockings socks 09/14/21
My recurrent customer, so happy to see you again! Hope you like the dress and have fun!! ♡(˶╹̆ ▿╹̆˵)و✧♡
- MerryLoli (Seller)
Positive (09/04/21) reserve for Nibblesbibbles 09/04/21
It was a pleasant transaction.
- vampireishtar (Buyer)
Positive (08/28/21) Indie sword gothic Stabbed heart moonstone necklace 08/28/21
Dress arrived within the window given by the seller, clean and well packed. However, there were undisclosed minor damages (red color runoff left the collars and bows varying shades of pink) when the listing gave the condition as like new
- cominguprosie (Buyer)
Neutral (08/26/21) Sweetwood Lora Diary XL plus size friendly OP longsleeve gothic nun 08/26/21