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lovely buyer :)
- melanie (Seller)
Positive (08/09/19) Old school Angelic pretty set 08/09/19
This is my first transaction with this buyer. The communication was a dream, and the payment was lighting-fast! I would love to do business with her again in the future! <3 <3 <3
- SoapboxSirensandCliffhangerCherubs (Seller)
Positive (08/05/19) Innocent World Forest Animals Necklace in Matte Silver *$2.20 Shipping Worldwide 08/05/19
I recommend this nice buyer with good communication. Everything went fine. Thank you :)
- Elena Rose (Seller)
Positive (07/27/19) Metamorphose Headdress with Rose in White 07/27/19
A pleasure to communicate with thanks so much ^_^ enjoy!
- Nibblesbibbles (Seller)
Positive (07/23/19) Cute RARE Baby the stars shine bright Alice and the Pirates Pearl lace necklace 07/23/19
Lovely buyer, they were cooperative and happy with their purchas. Glad the dress found a loving home.
- MonsterMei (Seller)
Positive (06/25/19) Innocent World Old-school Floral JSK 06/25/19
Prompt payment and great communication. Thank you!
- Yoruhime (Seller)
Positive (06/02/19) Innocent World -Malonica Halter Neck Vest 06/02/19
A great customer and very easy to work with. Would definitely sell to them again!
- lolivenom (Seller)
Positive (05/09/19) Anna House Floral Classic Skirt 05/09/19
Very understanding, quick communication and payment. A+!
- hoshimori (Seller)
Positive (05/08/19) Innocent World Torchon Lace Plain Standing Collar Blouse 05/08/19
Wonderful buyer! Payment and communication was quick and smooth. Very friendly. Thanks a lot!!
- MissCockatoo (Seller)
Positive (05/07/19) Angelic Pretty Dramatic Rose JSK set in ivory 05/07/19
A Great Buyer! Payment and communication were always prompt. I'd happily do business with them again. Thank you so much for your purchase! :)
- Gemgem87 (Seller)
Positive (04/18/19) AP Cherry Print Shirring JSK *US Shipping Included* 04/18/19
Perfect Buyer ***** Paid quickly & smooth communication Send complete shipping cost more expensive after payment , very honest & kindly
- stephanie-nounours (Seller)
Positive (04/17/19) Baby The Stars Shine Bright Princess Scallop Mint Tartan Summer Jsk + Headdress 04/17/19
Great communication and was very kind.
- sweetbunbun (Seller)
Positive (04/17/19) Teddy Bouquet Print Gobelin JSK Pink Colorway 04/17/19
everything was perfect, thank you <3
- Kafulein (Seller)
Positive (04/14/19) BTSSB bolero 04/14/19
Wonderful buyer!
- Divinyan (Seller)
Positive (04/01/19) Angel Rose Cross Ribbon JSK Brown 04/01/19
Wonderful buyer! Smooth transaction and a pleasure to sell to.
- Rosie_ru (Seller)
Positive (03/24/19) Metamorphose Blouse FREE SHIPPING 03/24/19
Perfect, Thank you. :-)
- Maylea (Seller)
Positive (03/22/19) Rose Stripe JSK beige 03/22/19
Fast payment! Great buyer!
- littlebubble (Seller)
Positive (03/16/19) fanzy fantasy princess sleeve blouse 03/16/19
great buyer! Smooth transaction !
- dandelionswish (Seller)
Positive (03/10/19) Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cheerful Lemon JSK *FREE SHIP* 03/10/19
A wonderful buyer. Prompt payment and great communication
- Natalie5581638 (Seller)
Positive (03/06/19) Anna House Old School skirt 03/06/19
The buyer's communication was clear and friendly, and the invoice was paid promptly. Thank you for a pleasant transaction.
- cherry_sp (Seller)
Positive (02/28/19) Off-White Torchon Lace Bloomers NWOT 02/28/19
Wonderful buyer, fast payment and communication. Thank you!
- littlebird (Seller)
Positive (12/28/18) Innocent World Arabesque Rose JSK 12/28/18
Fast payment, lovely buyer. Thank you!
- ecaillesdelune (Seller)
Positive (11/07/18) Ivory lace gloves 11/07/18
great buyer! Smooth transaction!
- dandelionswish (Seller)
Positive (11/03/18) Baby the Stars Shine Bright Le Bouquet Éternel Damask Print OTKs 11/03/18
Absolutely lovely buyer, communicative and very sweet. Paid promptly as soon as the invoice was sent. I would highly recommend doing business with this buyer!
- recursivefp (Seller)
Positive (10/26/18) Victorian Maiden Gobelin Coat 10/26/18
Fast payment. Thank you so much!
- Yoruhime (Seller)
Positive (10/08/18) Berry&Wood - 2Way White Blouse 10/08/18
Wonderful buyer, very polite to communicate with! Enjoy your blouse!
- MangoTango (Seller)
Positive (10/02/18) Rabbernatdeer blouse brown 10/02/18
Great buyer! Paid quickly and was easy to communicate with ! Enjoy!
- sleepyberry (Seller)
Positive (09/30/18) Innocent World Bouquet JSK 09/30/18
Smooth transaction, thank you!
- deadlyvu (Seller)
Positive (09/27/18) Dear Celine Bell Sleeved Lace Blouse 09/27/18
The buyer paid promptly and communicated in a clear and friendly manner. Thank you for a pleasant transaction.
- cherry_sp (Seller)
Positive (09/22/18) Metamorphose Dusty Pink Rose Pattern Canvas Fabric JSK Used (Very Good) 09/22/18
Lovely buyer, thank you! :)
- leaflarva (Seller)
Positive (09/21/18) Free US shipping! aatp alice and the pirates Rose Ornament JSK II ivory empire waist 09/21/18
Smooth transaction, would sell to again!
- lavendulalala (Seller)
Positive (08/18/18) 2005 Innocent World Chest Front Shirring Peter Pan Collar Blouse in Ivory 08/18/18
Great transaction, thank you for purchasing! Great buyer!
- hanyuufurudesu (Seller)
Positive (06/28/18) BTSSB *ALTERED* Stripe Bouquet JSK + Headbow in Pink 06/28/18
Paid promptly, very friendly, definitely recommended!
- strawberryjam (Seller)
Positive (05/22/18) Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Back Pin Tucked Blouse 05/22/18
Transaction was really easy and communication was quick. I´d definitely recommend her as a buyer. Thank you!
- angelghost (Seller)
Positive (05/21/18) Innocent World Alcyon Rose JSK 05/21/18
Perfect buyer. Very fast payment and good communication. Highly recommended. Thank you. :)
- Murikuma (Seller)
Positive (05/09/18) Wonder Rocket / 12 Months Blouse 05/09/18
Great buyer! Timely payment and excellent communication. I'm so glad someone will give this lovely dress the life it deserves! <3
- laloria (Seller)
Positive (01/27/18) Anna House Rose JSK 01/27/18
Prompt payment. Thank you!
- DoroteeSweetlips (Seller)
Positive (11/28/17) *FREE SHIPPING* Wonder Rocket dress 11/28/17
Perfect transaction - buyer was quick to pay and left feedback right away after receiving the item.
- lavenderlilly (Seller)
Positive (11/02/17) Garland ~ Long Floral JSK 11/02/17