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everything went great, thank you!
- LanaTheLlama (Seller)
Positive (10/30/23) Moi-meme-Moitie Cross Lace choker Lucky Pack 10/30/23
Great buyer, paid in timely manner with no issue on the transaction overall. Would love to sell to again someday!
- maccaron_kawaii (Seller)
Positive (10/23/23) Lief Cutie & Dot OP 10/23/23
Really sweet and lovely buyer. Very easy to work with and great communication. Fast payment and let me know the dress arrived! Thank you so much!
- ksic (Seller)
Positive (10/06/23) Moonlight Castle Pink JSK + Bows + OTKs 10/06/23
Great seller! Good communication and dress arrived in perfect condition.
- mintydreamstar (Buyer)
Positive (07/08/21) To Alice - Bear fondant + Headbow 07/08/21
Thank you!!
- Teeraa_Dollface (Buyer)
Positive (01/30/21) Angelic Pretty short pink Bolero 01/30/21
Item is so kawaii <3
- Siopao_BBY (Buyer)
Positive (01/13/21) To Alice Bear Cardigan 01/13/21
It's perfect, thank you!
- blanketburritobaby (Buyer)
Positive (01/12/21) Chess Story Le Printemps 01/12/21
Seller was very communicative and shipped the item out quickly. Despite the postal service being overwhelmed, I received the item pretty quickly (what luck!) Thanks again!
- sedirox (Buyer)
Positive (01/07/21) To Alice - Bear fondant + Headbow 01/07/21
The bolero was well taken care of and off packaged tightly. Seller was very responsive to questions.
- brockette (Buyer)
Positive (12/28/20) BTSSB Ribbon Ribbon Bolero in Pink 12/28/20
Fast and friendly communication. Seller noticed some spots after the sale and made sure to launder it. Shipped it safely and quickly with some little gifts. <3
- Alicornia (Buyer)
Positive (08/05/20) Reserved please dont buy Brocade Garden Lolita Insulated Blouse 08/05/20
Got it exactly as told. Lovely condition. Would buy from this seller again.
- Fable fantasy (Buyer)
Positive (04/20/20) Alice skirt in Pink/Blue 04/20/20
Buyer was communicative and understanding through an issue with postage. Happy to see this find a new home!
- misceleniious (Seller)
Positive (03/15/20) Angelic Pretty Dream Star Pochette Pink 03/15/20
Great seller! Communicated nicely and item arrived safely!
- spectrics (Buyer)
Positive (03/02/20) Dalao Wig 03/02/20
Lovely buyer was very responsive so would greatly recommend :)
- miss_mq (Seller)
Positive (02/28/20) Moon Bunny - Angel Cat Necklace 02/28/20
I can just honestly warn everyone who is reading this: do NOT trade with this person (long thorough explanation coming, for TL;DR go to the last sentence)! She (a Canada resident) bought a cross necklace I (a German resident) offered without asking for a shipping quote first (important point for later!). After I saw that said item got sold, I immediately sent her the invoice through PayPal just as usual. As a response to that I got a PM asking if there weren't cheaper shipping methods (I charged 19,89€ for "DHL Päckchen" tracked shipping with 50€ loss insurance) since she isn't ready to pay more for shipping than the item is worth - a fair opinion, but something that should've been considered before buying. I thoroughly explained to her it is not possible since other, cheaper shipping methods are limited in purpose like letters (it's not allowed to use international letters for anything else than for documents or print anymore since jan 2019) or limited in size like smaller parcels. I picked size M, a size S does not exist for int. shipping, and size XS is limited to things that are only up to 3cm thin - way too thing for a small jewelry box with a necklace + protection & packaging, the box alone is already 4cm thick. As a response to my detailed explaination that I picked the cheapest method available, she sent me a one-liner saying sorry for wasting my time, it's too much for her if I can't give her a different option. Yet again, it's fair to think that it is too much, but that should and easily could have been asked before pressing the "buy it now" button. Therefore I reminded her that I'm not ready to accept this carelessness (I even state in my Terms of Sales and in the item description to get a quote first, if you are outside of Germany) and will rate her appropriately should she finally decide to withdraw herself from the trade. After this she finally snapped and not only started giving me weird suggestions about just stuffing it in a small padded envelope and send it in an uninsured letter - the exact thing I already explained to here in a PM before and that this is neither possible or acceptible since I only send things tracked for the convenience of BOTH sides - while also threatening to give me a negative feedback for retaliation ("it goes both ways"). I gave it another try and send her yet another detailed PM explaining that shipping the item with a cheaper shipping method is not possible, not even secretly due to strict controls (simply wouldn't get accepted for shipment in first place) - let alone I would also not feel comfortable shipping something uninsured and with no tracking. Her reply to that and final message was what topped everything though. Yet again she tried to push me into just stuffing it into a padded envelope and all off a sudden came up with the reason that she also has to pay for customs now. I even mentioned in the initial invoice I sent on PayPal that I ship through DHL. Why is she bringing it up -now- - and yet again it could've easily been asked with a simple one-liner before she bought the item. Persuading me further by saying a receipt from the postal office is enough of proof (how if all it says is I paid x Euro for a postal service with no hint which parcel it is related to, no tracking, no insurance or any other type of information like adress or even the destinated country), if there are problems arising to just refer to the chain of PMs we exchanged (DHL won't care who said that or where, if the system says it's uninsured and without tracking, they don't care for anything else - a very naive opinion from someone who boasted they've been selling/buying online for 15 years already!), nothing can happen on my side or with paypal claims anyway and there's nothing to lose for me, except for a negative feedback which I will get anyway (!) should I decide to fight her further, because -she is the customer- (!) and while she admits she could have messaged me beforehand, she doesn't care since something that only weights a couple of gramms shouldn't be more expensive to ship than the bought item itself. And to end it, she still insists on shipping it uninsured and without tracking with the method she suggested (it's -still- not possible). So for you own good, be it as a potential seller or buyer, do yourself a favor and don't trade with this person, who is not only acting very entitled, but both straight up ignoring your messages, disregarding your reasons (mind you, even if it's a fact and not just your personal opinion), threatening to give you negative feedback as a means of retaliation and pushing you into a corner to follow her will.
- TinyApple (Seller)
Negative (02/23/20) Sweet Dreamer silver cross necklace NWOT 02/23/20
Only positve feedback. Hope you will enjoy your dress. <3
- desire.moon (Seller)
Positive (02/18/20) Flower Fairies JSK 02/18/20
One of the sweetest buyer I've ever had in LM. Mega fast payment and great communication. She was sweet enough not to blame me for some additional tax charges unfortunately attached to the parcel and sent me some feedback that I can do better business as a seller. Absolute sweetheart, love to do business again. 100% recommend!
- Pendie (Seller)
Positive (02/16/20) (RARE/PRICE REDUCED) Little Dipper Gothic Black Lolita JSK Belt Dress with Purple Frills 02/16/20
Seller was very kind! Item arrived on time, and was perfectly as described! Would buy from again!!
- Excaloser (Buyer)
Positive (02/11/20) To Alice - Strawberry Cake *RELISTED* 02/11/20
Pay right away and communication is fast it was a pleasure to work with.
- cuteandviolentchibi (Seller)
Positive (01/29/20) Dream Shower Blouse -Pink 01/29/20
A wonderful seller who was very patient with me and responded very quickly!
- Maynan101 (Buyer)
Positive (01/22/20) To Alice - Blue Butterfly 01/22/20